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Trimming Nails

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When you groom the feet you start with the nails.

Before trimming nails be sure to identify the pink part, or quick.

If your dog has black toenails it is hard to identify where the quick. If you look at the anatomy of the underside of the nail you will see a triangle. The end of this triangle is generally where the quick begins.

When you have clipped the nail if the tip has a waxy look you are close to the quick. If it looks dry then you can remove a bit more. If you do hit the quick you can apply pressure and stop the blood quickly with a styptic stick used for shaving or a styptic powder that can be found at any pet supply store. Just remember it is a long way from their heart they will not lose much blood and trimming the nails protects the foot from serious injuries.

Lift the front foot up and forward being careful not to over extend the leg. Clip off the end of the nail.

Using nail clippers

Lift the rear foot up and back to the side at an angle to trim the nails.

Trimming rear toe nails.

There are several types of nail clippers on the market. You may be more comfortable with a different style than you see here. Also you want to use a smaller clipper for puppies.

You should trim your dogs nails once a month. Puppies need to be done more often because they grow faster and grooming should be part of their training.

All dogs can learn to enjoy being groomed. Nail clipping does not need to be stressful for you or your dog. Start early and consider it part of your dog's training. Handle your puppy's feet daily and trim nails weekly. Your dog will quickly become used to it. Invest in a grooming table or get a proper sized table to put them on while grooming.

Tools you can use when trimming puppy and adult dogs toenails.

Is your dog uncomfortable being handled? Try Tellington Touch.

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